Adding Inserts to 3D printed parts

Last year, i chanced upon the Makerbot education youtube series that demonstrates various application specific to 3D printed parts. It ranges from spray painting, silicon mold »

HostelMate - your hostel companion

Recently, we presented our proposed solution for an Internet-of-Things (IoT) competition. Our category focuses on making hostel living better through three main areas: 1.) Announcements 2. »

25 things that defined 2016

1. Hong Kong trip! Started off 2016 with a trip to Hong Kong primarily because I have traveled around (Japan, Korea, China, Philippines) but not Hong »

Reducing 3D printing waste

Although we constant come up with new technologies, the side-effect is additional burden to the environment. 3D printing has changed the way prototypes and products are »

Challenges of a freelancer

Recently, I took on two design project with the goal of supporting a local company for being innovative. Turns out that freelancing is not as simple »

Kedah Day 09

Woke up at 5+ am to do some final packing before leaving for breakfast. Yum cha (tea drinking) is a morning activity common to the locals. »