Meet Rob: the cleaner

With charging issues of the new robotic vacuum cleaner out of the way, there's nothing cooler (geek mentality) than hacking it! I hope that this post »

Hongkong Day 03

If you live near Tsim Sha Tsui area, breakfast can be conveniently resolved at Hau Fook street. We chose the traditional breakfast style today at the »

Hongkong Day 02

Part of our Hong Kong adventure is an attempt to take the MTR and experience how it is like to walk across the border to ShenZhen, »

National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery is situated in two colonial Building; City Hall and former Supreme Court. You can find out more background information from this news article. »

DIY: fixing my kickscooter

So I broke the main screw for my manual kickscooter. Simple. You have two options: throw or fix. I chose the latter. I'm attempting to embrace »

Hongkong Day 01

This is a super delayed posting for the trip in January 2016. Hopefully i can still remember most of the itinerary and the interesting encounters! This »

Design, code, reflect

After spending many days with all hands on deck working on a design project, there's finally some time to sit back and reflect about what has »

Coney Island

Wooohooo! What an exciting week... Back home on Wednesday, 1 paper on Thursday and another on Friday then tour guide training on a lovely Saturday morning. »