2017 in retrospective

Unlike the post that I wrote in 2016, 2017 seemed like an uneventful year. I started off the year without setting resolutions and majority of the time was spent delivering a stellar capstone project.

Let's run through the list...

1. 2nd friend's wedding!


At this age, wedding bells are constantly ringing (not so nice when you're not attached due to all the questions, opps) and I am blessed to be part of their big moment in life. :)

2. Logistics for Blossom flag day


Despite all the business in school, there is always time to volunteer and give back to society. This is us enjoying breakfast after delivering all the logistics to kick-off Blossom World flag day!

3. Bhutan trip


One of my mother's bucket list item is to visit Bhutan so instead of having it unchecked, we made a trip there during my recess week. It is a really beautiful country with nature kept unpolluted and exploited. If you are a Buddhist or believe in the Buddha's teachings of the way of life, a trip to Bhutan is highly recommended (by me).

You can check out the adventure here.

4. OBS 50 Homecoming


This is one of the highlights of 2017 as it has been 11 years since since my Outward Bound School (OBS) adventure. The programme changed my outlook of life in general and developed my (should i say discovered) interest in spending time outdoor.

Although nowadays, I do not actively participate in outdoor sports/activities, a part of me is always keen to jump on any opportunity that gets me out and about.

5. Taiwan graduation trip


Literally moved out the hostel on Friday evening, got home to do a final luggage check and flew off to Taiwan the next morning! I met some awesome Taiwanese during my trip and had meaningful memories etched in me. Well, the trip ended abruptly on Day 10 when my friend ended up with an unexplained toothache (maybe too much milk tea lol) and an immediate ticket home was bought.

Definitely have plans to visit Taiwan again and explore the eastern side!

Check out the (incomplete) posts here!

6. Graduation!


Wow it's been a long journey. I received the acceptance letter delivered to my doorstep in May 2011 when SUTD had not started a single class. Three years (2 for NS and 8 months for May 2014) later, I started the struggle to complete 3.5 years and finally graduated!

It is not a typical path walked by many but looking back, I never regretted making the choice to take up an adventure of a different education pedagogy.

7. Transiting from academic learning to professional training

The working and academic world are worlds (no pun intended) apart. There are a ton of courses that I am enrolled in which are not rocket science content but the time is allocated for you to apply and practice the concepts. I will not say that I truly enjoyed all the courses that I have been but meeting different people from a large organization is somewhat interesting!

8. Leaving the place of resources



When I was in university, the only limitation is ideas (ok, maybe some $). I am privileged to have the know-how of operating 90% of the equipment in our fabrication lab and making prototypes will not take me more than a couple of days.

Things are quite different outside an environment that understands the importance of having resources that will reduce your time-to-market/prototype. I probably lost count of the number of hacks and prototypes that I made back in school.

9. HostelMate


In January, i formed a team with my friends and created HostelMate that aims to make hostel living better. So pleased that we won the 1st prize of the challenge!

Definitely proud that we made everything from scratch. :)

Full write-up here.

10. Unoffical uncle


My friend gave birth to a super cute baby girl and that made unofficial an uncle who went to the supermarket and started analyzing the various diapers in a bid to get the correct one. (don't ask me about the weird look that ladies gave)

11. ROM (lol, not me)


WOOHOOO! Finally. :)

Played the role of a chauffeur during their local wedding photoshoot and i am so looking forward to the album!

12. Emcee-ing


Played the emcee role for two events in 2017 as part of my personal challenge to take on new roles that I will not consider if given the choice. Did two, did ok, but definitely not the best emcee. :)

13. Coastal clean-up


Proud to co-organize coastal clean-up for 88 people at East Coast beach who made an effort to as part of the greater goal to care for the environment.

14. Telegram bot

Tried out some new side project as well!

Made a little bot that will send out some love to a couple of friends on a daily basis.


As 2017 comes to an end, the retrospective serves as a reminder of great things that happened. Despite all the greatness, I cannot say for sure that I have improved as much as I would like to on a personal level.

Winding down on my activities and putting on the thinking cap to reflect on things that I did not so well in 2017.

Till the next post,


2017 in retrospective
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