2018 in retrospective

Towards the end of each year, I make an effort to sit down and reflect on how my time was spent, along with some "wrapping up" thoughts.

If you are interested to read about my 2017 retrospective: http://kennethlimcp.no-ip.org/2017-in-retrospective

Let me try to recall what I have up to....

Deploying prototypes out in the field

First part of 2018 was really about designing something from scratch (that little box in the centre) to support an internal pilot program where a plug and play home solar kit is deployed in residential homes.

Taken from : https://blog.spdigital.io/2018-in-review-e22263a3b0e1

It is a pilot that I am really proud of as everything from prototyping, testing, mass-producing to deploying were done in-house! Nevertheless, by building your own product, it meant having ownership and taking responsibility over it. We experienced an outage by a 3rd party DNS  service during second day of Chinese New Year so I (the little mice running in a wheel) had to manually perform a fleet wide data retrieval.

Despite that bummer, it was an enjoyable learning experience where I could apply Product Development knowledge to pilot a brand new solution.

Blossom World 2018 Children Holiday Camp

This is my 4th year as a befriender and for this time we learn through drama! I was telling some fellow befrienders that I am feeling older than ever and at some point the children's unlimited energy would make me consider not volunteering. :D

Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pg/BlossomWorld.sg

Yoga for the first time

I always wanted to try out yoga but never made a commitment to do so. When my then-teacher-to-be friend was looking for people to join her class, I jumped onto the opportunity immediately. No regrets, definitely enjoyed the session and should seriously consider going for more classes.

Maker Faire Bay Area, United States

Somehow in the back of my mind, I always think that the solo-traveling task on the bucket list was never fulfilled. However, this is my second solo trip to United States and another to Shen Zhen, China. How strange! I think it has to do with me traveling solo but having friends there to take care of me.

MFBA was great not because of the exhibitions but more of catching up with folks whom I literally "grew" up with during my university days. My friends at Particle  taught me a whole lot about good engineering and how delivering a stellar product was all about having great teamwork.

You can read more about my US adventure here: http://kennethlimcp.no-ip.org/us18-mfba/

Feast Up!

Feast Up! is a monthly Pop-Up market where we invite aspiring Youth entrepreneurs to come run a booth, promote their products or take the OpenStage and perform for everyone who comes.

My role has mostly been ensuring that the audio-visual side of things are up and running for all our talented volunteers. This has been a great year of learning where a team of us (youths!) operate the various audio visual equipment. Yes, if you are interested, we are recruiting :)

Visiting my relatives in Canada!

I have absolutely no clue why not a single thing about my family's trip to Canada was blogged. (was probably too lazy) We have been talking about this almost a decade ago and it was time to walk the talk. (i mean buy the tickets so you have go make it happen) It was great spending time with this fun-loving family, with 14 living under one roof! That is excluding all the other relatives and cousin who have their own houses. I sincerely thank them for the warm hospitality and this trip definitely motivated me to travel there again in the near future.

Picnic-ing in the car cos it was too chilly in the mountainous region
Niagara Falls from Canada side

Reflection notes

I am sure that there are many more fruitful events that I could add to the list above but consolidating my reflections will serve more meaning with 2019 in sight.

One very obvious thing that jumped out for 2018 is the failure to ensure that my monthly apheresis donation was adhered to. This can be indirectly attributed to the fact that I have been spending extra hours at work, which also means having less hours of rest. Lesser sleep contributes to increased blood pressure (yes the doctor gets very concerned every time i go) which does not play well when trying to keep to the monthly cadence.

Do not be mistaken though. I enjoy what I do at work or rather I over-enjoy what I do at work and that naturally meant sacrificing time that should have been spent on other things in life. Things like pursuing my electronics hobby, keeping to a 3 times a week exercising regime or ensuring that I read my list of books that would have broaden my knowledge. Definitely, the blame is all on me, as there is no one better than myself to ensure that I stick to resolutions that I myself laid. This is one area of improvement that I have identified through this reflection session.

I have also been constantly pondering about what is my greater goal in life. Is this current job function that I am serving, something that I intend to pursue for the next decade? Or if the answer is No, what is the greater goal that I aim to pursue and should the opportunity arises, will I bite the bullet and leave my comfort zone for my next life adventure? I personally think that it is way toooo easy to be comfortable with the state of life you are in just because things are going smoothly and your basic needs are fulfilled. However, that to me is just letting life take its own course and letting it flow to a place of unknown. I have met people who are already on this path and life becomes just that predictable cycle that goes on repeat.

Something in me tingles whenever I let things flow and the way I keep myself in check is through constant questioning, if what I am doing is really worth doing and whether I am working on solving the right problems.

...long blogging pause....

Gonna end my reflections (abruptly) and continue this process offline!

Till the next post,
uncle kennyD

2018 in retrospective
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