ALP 2015 [Day 006] - Shanghai Trip

We left ZJU campus at 7am and endured an almost 4 hour bus ride to arrive at Shanghai!

It's mostly smooth traffic except when we hit the city area in Shanghai.

The weather was not playing nice as well with a continuous light drizzle till we arrived at the Consulate.


After a simple brief about the work carried out by the Consulate-general and his team, we were treated to lunch!

It was mentioned that there are approximately 8000 Singaporean living in the area under the jurisdiction of the Consulate but there's like 7000 Singapore Restaurants in Shanghai?!
How does the math even work out...


Round 1

Round 2 - more kueh!


It's really heartwarming to meet fellow Singaporeans abroad and get to taste a simple fanfare of home food after all the not-really-to-my-liking-food

Next stop is a visit to Ong & Ong Architects branch in Shanghai


They re-used an old factory site and gave it a new life by practicing what they preach - sustainability design

Fun fact:

ONG&ONG Architects is started by late former president, Ong Teng Cheong and his wife.


An engaging and well spent 2 hours with various staff enthusiastically sharing their experience with us about Architecture in general and an overall understanding of China and its Architecture scene.

We get to understand some interesting #onlyinchina situation:

  • Large land area for each project

    • size of Marina Bay Sands
    • size of a city
  • Inconsistent project workflow

    • You might be working on drafting and design while part of the construction has already became
    • changes are made here and there due to Chinese client's requirement for certain element to be present in the design
  • 1/3 the time for project delivery

    • You need to keep up with the pace of growth in China which means delivery from 0 to 1 at 1/3 the normal speed outside of this booming economy

There's a lot more to be mentioned about stuffs shared with us but long story short, visit China with an open mind and you will bound to have a fruitful learning experience! :)

Here's the code for the day:

Horn is the most annoying thing to exist in China. It's utter annoying and it gets me really annoyed by how the annoying drivers think that honking non-stop with the modified horns can speed things up. Peace.

On a lighter note, there's this super delicious and to-my-liking snack made of sesame and sugar roasted with a traditional coal oven. [芝麻糖饼]


ALP 2015 [Day 006] - Shanghai Trip
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