ALP 2015 [Day 007] - West lake

Today is a free day us and we decided to head back to the popular tourist attraction - West Lake [西湖]

Is we only had 30-45 minutes the other day to explore, a second trip back gave us a much better appreciation of West Lake and it serving as a leisure place for the locals.

Here's the super bus ride that takes around an 1 hour to reach West Lake. Furthest bus ride ever!

    .-.  _
    | | / )
    | |/ /
   _|__ /_
  / __)-' )
  \  `(.-')
   > ._>-'
  / \/


Scenery near where we began



Interesting way to rope the chairs together to prevent people from moving them away!


Apple store


Serene view!


You see the elderly dancing along the lake

Or cool uncle playing the Saxophone!

Something creative again. It reads:

aunty very busy (mango)


Dinner was at this place named [海底捞](scooping in the sea)

This place is totally epic....

  • They provide you with lens wipe if you wear glasses
  • Heard there is manicure service
  • Warm wipes upon arrival
  • People serving you very promptly and being observant
  • Power bank if you need to charge your phone
  • Bag cover to prevent it from being dirtied during the meal
  • People squeezing hand wash for you at the washroom
  • Some outlets might even have the server on skates
  • Fruits platter after dinner
  • Mint sweets and Melon seed after your meal

Best thing: ~90RMB per person for the amount of food we ordered

That's tomato soup broth on the left and shrooms~ pot on the right

Here's what happens with you order noodles [拉面]!

Really poor photo but i had to show this. This is a specially made equipment for us to "hang" our ladle while you cook your food. O.O


So after the meal, the servers came over to entertain us starting off with a game scissors, paper, stone. If you win the game, the noodles are on the house. :D

The finale was crazy wild where they made 16 of us dance along with their fast, high song and rapid movements. It's crazy fun and i would highly recommend this place!

ALP 2015 [Day 007] - West lake
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