ALP 2015 [Day 009] - Rest and more rest

Since the grouping arrangement for themes are not available yet and the first class starts on Tuesday, today is sit-down-and-blog + clean-up-the-room day!

So Ryan and I decided to get up and running (pun intended) at 6.30am!

First run in China :D


It's a great run around the small lake with a fresh breeze of air and cool weather.

While walking back to the hostel, this is what we saw.. 0.O

Can you make a guess what's going on?


Oh yeah, so apparently they are swapping trees out probably due to the season change? (totally guessing)

People prune trees elsewhere but in China, people change the entire tree. :O


Here's the interesting thing for the day! Close-up shot of the base where ropes are used to secure and provide more support upon planting.


Alright here's what me a Ryan tried out for the first attempt eating canteen breakfast!


ALP 2015 [Day 009] - Rest and more rest
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