ALP 2015 [Day 010] - First lesson!

Finally we started the very first class (Design thinking) and this will continue for another 3 weeks before switching gears to work full time on our respective project.

Not going to post any stuff about my work since it doesn't look WOW and pretty :0

Here's how the classroom looks like

This is the something interesting event today where you hit the everyone has ended class frenzy


Went over to the package collection point and notice another interesting thing.

Glass fence

Dinner was at 新白鹿 at Intime city with some interesting mass dance (again) outside the mall.


They have a wireless device to call the attendant


Woohoo! Gong Cha newly opened shop where we bought 1 for 1 milk tea <3


Finally, here's the mass dance video!

ALP 2015 [Day 010] - First lesson!
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