ALP 2015 [Day 011] - Project meeting

We term today the on-standby day. (for those who did not serve army, it means waiting to report upon receiving notice)

So while i'm typing away on my Macbook, an email came in saying that the professor would like to have a meeting with the team of 9 students at 1pm. :)

Everything was great except for the weather though...


So the AQI(Air quality index) said it was low pollution and by the time we headed out for lunch it hit the middle range.

Here's local breakfast after braving the hazy sky



So after lunch, we headed down to level one and there was some event and free badges were given! Apparently you need to help vote for the professors' award and get them free but we got them anyways without any work as an exchange student :D


Woohooo... Also found the place where snacks are sold! :D


Look at how cool their interior design for the office walkway is!



Found a drink that i wouldn't mind buying from the convenience store. It's like Yakult/Vitagen


After walking one full round around the right side of the school trying 3 convenience store to top-up my transport card, I ended up at the bank. Why didn't i just go to the bank straight? :0

But here's something interesting from the bank with a __ for the english section. Is it that hard to program the printing?


Finally went for a run (#02) with the clear sky but the 3 of us ended with some bad throat and cough. Wondering what's happening..


Dinner was at the back street and i finally tried my Korean rice-cake and veggies + egg 手抓饼 (hand-picked crepe)!

Korean ricecake - spicy and salted


Ultra poor photo of the making of 手抓饼


ALP 2015 [Day 011] - Project meeting
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