ALP 2015 [Day 012] - Product Formation lesson!

So here's cheese bread + made-in-Shanghai Milo that doesn't really taste like Milo.

While waiting to enter the classroom, here's something interesting!

Finally found where people are charging their electric bikes... Seems like it costs 5RMB (SGD$1)...


This is a super fun and enjoyable class that got me excited about Product design!

Another learning point:

Being able to understand Chinese is a great advantage that allows me to sit through the 3 hour long lesson, absorbing all the profound knowledge that the Professor has to share with us!

There's a lot in Chinese culture/language that is hard to translate as the words are some meaning that only when said in Chinese that truly brings out the essence.

This is about a design student who took the original idea of a Panton chair designed by Verner Panton and improved on it. They invited two model with great body ratio and moulded there body into a chair (see picture at top-right)


An example of Chinese applying traditional culture to modern design. The car is known as Big Red Flag (大红旗) and the design of the front light comes from the design of a lantern

The bottom-right photo is that of the Olympic torch for 2008 Beijing Olympics where the symbolic colour of Red is used.


This shows the jew cemetery where the placement of each tomb produces an artwork when viewed from a distance. The bottom-right photo is about tons of face-shaped metal places laid down on the ground and produces the "cling-gling" sound as you traverse down the lane.

The top-right photo is about this experiential place where the attendant would suddenly close the door behind you and everyone in the cell would sit at the side and look at the ray of light entering from a small hole on the ceiling. This gave people a chance to experience how the jews felt during their imprisonment.

The bottom-right photo is to explain how modern (glass) is incorporated into a traditional building.


周老师 shared about European design using the Bauhaus Design School as an example. Notice that there is a prominent red door that gives a very good visual que of where to head for during an emergency.

The chair on the top-right is about making a simple chair that uses only metal + another material to create a easily manufacturable and public accessible chair. However, commercialisation made the chair beyond reach for most people.

Another point is about the designer's persistent design style shown in the bottom-right photo where it is the student hostel that has this not-so-warm and building-ey feel with the use of glass. The designer did not try to defer from his design methodology to make the hostel feel more warmly and relaxing.


This is super super super interesting.... A worker dormitory in Germany that taught us two things.

First is the use of 2 dark-coloured vertical slab placed in the middle section of the window so that it looks like a huge glass panel from far. The small window section was designed so that the workers have some privacy compared to huge single-panel glass.

However, the designer as said earlier like incorporating this big glass panel feel and adding the slabs gave it the overall look he wanted.

Second is really cool where they place this label at the door-step of the apartment to honour the Jew that was captured away during the Nazi frenzy. This shows their spirit of honouring the dead for their unnecessary and innocent sacrifice.


Where no idea is crazy enough as long as you attempt to do it.


周老师 talked about designing responsibly where it is emphasised by Walter Gropius that students should be first taught about the right ethics and their responsibility as a designer before being trained.

This example is about:

  • A tool for you to stop the car from beeping at you for not wearing your safety-belt
  • A t-shirt that mimics the wearing of safety-belt if you the speeding camera ever snaps you in action
  • the designer only thinking about profiting and not doing being socially responsible


Sharing about the Golden ratio that explains why some design gives you a better visual feel.


This is example of the Golden ration used to design a chair [TO FIND OUT NAME OF CHAIR + DESIGNER] consisting of only 3 circle.


Some interesting stuff!

  • Bunny in a magician hat toothpick holder
  • Chair made using the baking process (it was shaped and baked into the shape!)


We also hear about a research done that compares Western & Eastern differences.

Blue represents West and Red represents East

Chinese like to beat around the bush before telling you the actual thing while the West is direct to the point.

Chinese emphasises on family (家)while Westerners talks about self.


Chinese has this issue about punctuality...


During a festive occasion, you see Chinese everywhere while in the West...that's a different story.

Also, the West like to visually enjoy what they see while travel but the Chinese prefer to take photos.


Chinese prefer to avoid the problem but the Westerners like to walk into. They also prefer cold stuff while the Chinese like it warm.


Here's some quote from the Porche 911 designer

Outstanding design principles only requires form to conquer people

Design requires functionality consideration but must not lack the visual appeal. Good design must not consist of elements that cannot be explained.


Sorry for the poor photo (dim light + from the back of the class) but that's the design restriction give to us to design a chair!

  • Only screws to hold everything in place (30mm long)
  • 12m long wood for the entire chair (20mm x 100mm)


The task for the afternoon was to build a 1:5 scale model using styrofoam and nails for 周老师 to review next lesson!

Here comes the interesting stuff...

Sorry for the blurry photo but look at the water on the top-right and bottom-left

  • top-right is 750ml
  • bottom-left is 1500ml

However, they costs the same price at RMB2.50. No ,there is no error in the price tag. I checked the other super mart as well...

Another interesting thing to note is that the largest bottle of 4L costs RMB7.50 while buying 3 x 1.5L to get 4.5L is RMB6.50.

Which pricing model are they exactly using?


You get to see this (actually you don't as they are more bicycles than Singaporeans in China) outside buildings for bicycle parking


First time buying Fruits!


Pineapple a.k.a. 凤梨/菠萝


Working on the chair model...


Using math when a protractor is not available!



Crazy oily dinner...


Woohoo! Spent the night looking for kick-scooter as the amount of walking mileage we clock in a day from hostel --> class --> canteen --> class --> hostel is O.0


ALP 2015 [Day 012] - Product Formation lesson!
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