ALP 2015 [Day 016] - Guest lecture

We are privileged to attend a Guest lecture by Professor Watanabe from Chiba university!

So here's the fun fact:

Attending a lecture delivered in English by a Japanese Professor in a Chinese land

The topic he shared was "Design Infinity" and showed us a series of interesting Designed-in-Japan products and the driving theme for Japan's design for each decade.


Most of the design he shared is part of the Good Design Award (similar to Red Dot Design but in Japan)

You can find out more here:

This is a bus-stop made out of wood that is compact and modular for a temporary setup.


Spacial design that combines three things into one. On the top level is a library and at the bottom is a cafe where you can enjoy your picks while given the option to buy the same book home from the shelves below. COol? :)


Motorcycle without a typical horizontal bar between your legs so women can now hope on and off at ease with their skirts/dress.


Refrigerator shipping box from Samsung that is collapsable and reduce space after serving its purpose.


Changing the design of a trolley where its function is lost after the basket is removed. That discourages people from bringing the trolley back as it no longer serve the purpose of moving stuff around!


Ohhh yeah... Old school!


Prof. Watanabe sharing with us about Necessary vs Convenient


So here's the design trend in Japan over the decades:

1970s | Good life
1980s | Quality of life
1990s | Universal interactive ecology
2000s | co-existence
2010s | good-service

He mentioned that with 2020 Olympics in Japan, there's probably a lot of design to improve infrastructure and many more in preparation for the games! So what's trend for this decade? ;)

An interesting design evolution

Inconvenient --> Convenient --> Comfortable --> Necessary --> Natural

12 Key design principles

01 | Postmodern
02 | Product semantics
03 | Design marketing
04 | Design management
05 | Emotional design
06 | Design thinking
07 | Design 3D CAD/CAM
08 | Colour, Material, Finishing (CMF) & Design
09 | GUI Design (WYSIWYG)
10 | Interaction Design - Bill Moggridge
11 | Innovation Design - idea from UK
12 | Design engineering

So brunch after lecture as many of the hungry people couldn't grab breakfast in time for the 8am lecture T_T

That's Tofu pau ^^


Also decided to buy back a 鸡蛋饼(egg crepe)from the 手抓饼 shop but it's not as tasty and kinda hard to eat! Imagine something like Thosai but a real huge one...



While hiding in the hostel away from the smog, i noticed that the air-condition remote has a interior-is-clean (室内清洁)option!

I don't think i ever need the exterior-is-clean feature..


While blogging away, I looked at Baidu maps for directions to the Electronics centre that we passed by last Saturday.


Headed out with Ryan on "E" data network where the Maps app takes forever to load a screen.. But why not?! Just 5 stops :)


While walking to the bus interchange, Ryan showed me some super cool Wechat features! There's stuff like real-time walkie talkie and a GPS-location sharing


So it's like if you are meeting with a bunch of friends but not able to find the way or taking separate taxis to an unfamiliar place, you can see where each taxi is!

Here we are! Greeted by a strong burning smell from a nearby site...


Fancy buttons spotted..


This is probably 1/10 the scale of HuaQiangBei in Shenzhen but an eye-opener for people who have never been to one.

Look at this semi-automated only-in-China machine that strip our wires to a same length and takes only 1 second!



Look at this bus-stop... Just one slab that separates the car and the motorcycles...


ALP 2015 [Day 016] - Guest lecture
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