ALP 2015 [Day 022 - 026]

Spent the entire day at the International Design Institute [IDI] where we will be working out for the remaining months.

Research research research....

Oh yes, that's not before a run (finally) + breakfast!


This shows 2 very edible dishes for breakfast! Simple vermicelli + no-sugar bean curd :)


Yes yes. 1st taobao order arrived and picked it up quickly with a scooter! See... a scooter is super handy...


Also, i will be starting to combine updates into a post since we are hitting the plateau after settling in and getting busy with work :)

We are supposed to make a trip down to the affiliated Zhejiang hospital but it was cancelled last minute. What a waste! It would have been a good learning experience learning about local health care.


Something new spotted! Self-help station for student related matters. Not bad!


You know there a lot of interesting stuff you can learn from China. Like look at these headers... You can buy them but usually only in black.

Their copyright-doesnt-matter or 山寨 concept brings about innovative ideas and interesting products!


Found another new place for meals where most student have their meals there. Super many dishes to choose from..and.. SUSHI!


Check out this oil. i mean dish...


Back to work on the chair again! Working on a sink is never weird...


OHMY. How long have i not seen such tools...or even using one..


Almost done!!

90-percent hand...


Felix performing surface finishing touches


and YAY :)


ALP 2015 [Day 022 - 026]
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