ALP 2015 [Day 030 - Day 036]

You probably won't do this in Singapore but the wet Summer is making us adjust to the new environment.

Sitting in Family Mart having breakfast while looking at passer-by.


First time seeing this.. Wonder what was Whatsapp doing during the process...


Students are graduating and having their Graduation Exhibition! More architecture related stuff though..



Decking Oil. o.0.. First time seeing this.


Need a good lunch for all the strength needed to put a chair together!


Check out all da chairs! Waiting for a simple introduction + critic with our Prof.


Here's some pictures of the chairs designed.


Triangular-themed chair


One that makes you want to sit on with the curvy inviting looks and artsy layout below that also serves as support.


This petite chair has a pretty interesting concept. Not allowing you to "chope" as what you place on is going to slide down.

Brings out the idea of shaping the human behavior based on how you design it to be.


Simple bench that demanded for a X-support structure right from the beginning.


A separable chair that teaches us about Centre-of-Gravity consideration.


One that considers your sitting posture; when you are sitting up right and slouching


Simple stool that reflects about the life of Hangzhou-ers.


Golden ratio chair! You can clear tell from the vertical and horizontal bar placement. Another interesting thing is the formation of the triangle structure without a complete link (missing 1 end at the bottom)


Interesting use of 2 x diagonal blank to piece each rectangular module together!


Last but not least...One that i built! All with a simple concept of not having a 90 degree joint from any angle :)


Taking a Designer photo!


Enjoying my products of 2 weeks' effort


FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Marks the last lesson for the 1st month in Hangzhou.

Apparently, they placed us in a building where students were taking their ZJU entrance examination..

Check out the parents waiting downstairs!



Honestly... The parents were making more noise that providing support...

OHHH! This is our final assignment for the Rhino lesson! Chinese traditional chair.


Out to watch Jurassic World that screens in China before the world gets to watch it :) So this photo is about the bus driver parking away from the pick-up point..and asking passenger to walk there to board.

How cool is that?!

Cinema located in a nice little mall.


This is definitely a great learning for me at the dinner place.

  • Chinese prefer not to clear after they are done
  • pushing them to the empty area beside them and continuing seems to be the practice
  • making space out of not space is another skill

This guy has probably 3-4 customers before him. Another interesting was a lady wanted to sit at the table where we cleared and cleaned. Obviously, you can tell that they have an eye for clean tables but not a fan of self-clearing.


Interesting sight.


Poster on some random wall...



On our walk back, we spotted this! They definitely have a lot of pothole to fix...


Can you believe that i spent the entire weekend trying to purchase Air tickets and book an Airbnb apartment? :/

If you cannot believe it either...look at this ridiculously huge bunch of banana...


It's also fun to learn about how foreigner students behave in a foreign land...


Here's a summary of what buying tickets was like. Oh yes, forgot to mention that a group of us are visiting Shenzhen Maker Faire the following weekend :).

  • Find find find..refresh refresh refresh
  • FOUND! Click....left 3 seats.
  • looks again AH HA!
  • BOOK! Sorry your single order limit for your credit card exceeded
  • 0.o Call up the bank. Sorry why don't you use another bank card? Ours cannot be adjusted. WHUTTT?!?!!
  • Split order into 2 and pay.. pheww******
  • Continue to find Airbnb apartment...
  • Found! click click... PAY! Sorry your Alipay account requires verification
  • NO. (not trusting you with my passport image)
  • Pay using Credit card. Page hangs. MEHHHHHHHH
  • Totally time wasting.. :/

On a better note.. All is boooked and ready to go! :D


ALP 2015 [Day 030 - Day 036]
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