ALP 2015 [Day 051 - Day 064]

Super duper busy working on some project of mine so that would be a post consisting 2 weeks worth of content :)

There's this "carrot car" (converted from chinese) going around the campus recently. Another interesting fact is that around 10 years ago, the Chinese government implemented the change from petrol-based motorcycle to electric-powered that is not only greener but also safer (probably slower speed). This was shared with us by a taxi driver. :)


Tried a latte from another cafe. Drinkable but not awesome in my opinion. The cafe that i have been frequently cannot fulfil the "hotness' of my drink despite multiple tries so i decided that hey no i'm not gonna be a regular patron anymore.


We were invited to attend this conceptual product event where 6 of the best made by Industrial students shared with the audience. The theme for their design project is "Behavioural change"


This is a toy storage box that aims to be interactive and encouraging so that young children will make a conscious effort to pack their toys after playing.


This aims to make rehabilitation exercises for stroke patients more interesting and exciting to motivate them to go on and continue making good progress. Pretty neat!


A pillow that monitors your heart rate and plays music from nature (forest, water...) while you have a nap (something the Chinese are familiar with) and slowly vibrate to wake you up before you enter deep sleep. Not bad!

I personally voted for this product. The screen reads: "when you enter this world crying, the people are you were smiling". A smart baby rocker that aims to minimize disruption when the parents are busy doing some work at home. According to their research, 80% of the time, baby's crying can be stopped with a simple rocking motion. This can be occasions where they flip sides during their sleep and all it requires is some rocking to comfort them.

Also, they claim from the beginning that this product is not aimed at replacing the parents but to help them in cases like the baby crying when they are cooking for example. :)


Changing bad posture habit through a vibrating motion to remind you along with a mobile app to recording your progress over time. Cool but hard to implement as the attachment of the product to the apparel becomes a huge variable.
product-posture not really answering the theme IMO. It's a series of potted plants placed in the office and would respond to water level and sunlight exposure as well as close proximity sensing. I really don't think this is going to improve human interaction and that topic is something that i worked on for 14 weeks so, no, not going to be convinced.

Oh yeah. Trying out this lok lok thing from the familymart. Oh yummy corn tofu!

Life of a Mac user. Finally bought a USB hub and it's 3.0 capable! For...5SGD i think..

The coffee beverage that we have been purchasing regularly launched a new drink and the pricing is sneakily jacked up. 2 for 10 for the new light blue flavor and 7.80 for the current available ones. WHAT?!

Check out how they bring goods into the mart and restock!

This weekend, we headed to the bamboo forest! This taxi is equipped with a touchscreen entertainment system.

Drizzling when we arrived.

Nice place for a walk away from the city life during a weekend.

Doesn't look that exciting at first until..

We went on a bamboo forest climb instead of the planned bamboo forest walk.


Greeted by this sign that reads: "hiking on the Wuyun Hill will improve your health"


Reached a temple near the top of the hill.

Somehow our downhill route landed us in a tea plantation.

Finally out to the main road and flagging a taxi to head back due to the poor weather

Nice way to handle that hugeeee amount of umbrella outside the canteen.

The courier owner/manager does love this company a lot. That's a banner on his car bonnet with his company's name.

Oh yeah! We headed to the North street and tried some Japanese food :D

This vanilla-flavoured ice cream from family mart is pretty delicious :P

Finally back in the business of getting my hands dirty and making stuff. First up! repairing the faulty LED that failed for i-have-no-idea-why reason :)



Oh yeah...So a typhoon is targeted to hit Hangzhou area on 10 July night/11 July early morning and our Profs sent us back to our hostels early for our safety in case things turned nasty.

So we bought some ration in case of emergency:

plus a good shot of the cargo truck entering the mart...

While looking away at the window wondering if the typhoon is guy standing outside at level 7 fixing stuff. Wow.

Reinforcing the trees in minimize as much damage as possible.

Hostel and nothing to do = Suits Season 5 Episode 3 :D

No downloading required. Stream and watch FTW!

If your internet doesn't cut off, you can even track the typhoon!

Sadly (or fortunately), we woke up with no typhoon aftermath in sight... So it's a stay in Saturday which strong winds that flip your umbrella in various directions if you attempt to head out. ;)

Some aftermath... though i'm not sure if people are the culprit..

OH YEAH! Finally bought a complete soldering station that would allow me to handle most projects!

But there's always dishonest people around. Like this e-ink display that i bought which said "original" and nothing about it being taken out from old kindles... Crappy..


Cool stuff again! Demagnetizer and Magnetizer tool ;)

Oh yes...Change of taste for a Sunday. This sushi outlet is legit...totally legit. (legit is a word you will use a lot here)

Food delivery service in China is super popular. This poster reads: "when you are hungry, don't call mum. Call this website"

ALP 2015 [Day 051 - Day 064]
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