ALP 2015 - Shenzhen Maker Faire D2-3

Visiting HuaQiangBei, the electronics market was the planned event for today. The unplanned and more awesome one was the HAX tour with Bunnie Huang!

The sad news was that HQB market was closed due to Dragonboat festival. Very sad for an electronic fanboy who loves to roam the streets filled with nothing but components..

But we did see some cool stuff on the streets! Mobile phone "tattoo" aka engraving.


How about buying a tray of microSD instead of one?

LEDs LEDs name it, Shenzhen has it!

Not going to post any photos at HAX except for the shots with the logo :)



One crazy thing about the Metro is that most machines only take in 1 or 5 RMB and you have to exchange for small notes at the customer service counter. Kinda annoying as a tourist going on 3-4 trips per day.

Something interesting to do in China is diagonal crossing. Their traffic lights all turn green at the same instance and not performing a diagonal cross equates to a super long wait after performing one straight cross.

Never too lazy or not innovative for more cash. That's a purchase window facing the inside of a metro station in case people who went through the gates decided that they want a little something.

Some sleek long building in the software park area.

I wonder how good is this for that price...

So cool that they have a translator device for the talks!

Sab and I tried out this "fast" food vending machine at Maker faire. Pretty decent for a 20RMB meal and a quick lunch to have more time roaming around the booths.

This took me a while to get in (1 hour queue with some summer sun) and it was really just okkkkk. Something like a 3D show in a Dome but the content was really not that exciting considering its Maker faire.

Drones are a pretty big thing as the faire, as usual..

Something really cool spotted. It's a self balancing directions guiding robots (i think) The body and lengthen/shorten which probably helps serves a young teenager vs a tall adult.


Something i can never understand. Does that really make the carrying less tiring?

Byebye Shenzhen. See you next year :)

They are using a tablet for in-flight entertainment.. I must say this is really neat and innovative!

And on our way back to the hostel from airport, we hopped on an electric taxi! O.O


ALP 2015 - Shenzhen Maker Faire D2-3
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