Bhutan Day 05

We are light on activities today to conserve energy for the hike up the famous Tiger Nest monastery tomorrow.

window-view This is the window view outside the room.

gardens There's also a mini garden within the hotel compound that is filled with beautiful flowers.

fields No shortage of fields!

runway Spotted the airport runway while on the way to Chelela pass.

farm-view pano-view We stopped for a quick photoshoot along the way to capture the stunning landscape that is non-existent in an urbanized place. Panorama shot for the win!

fog The first stop is at a nunnery at almost 3800 meters above sea level. The fog tells you pretty much about the weather.

upslope reaching nunnery We felt breathless during the initial hike but did not take long to acclimatize and get use to the thinner air.

architecture I am amazed by how they figured out the arrangement of rocks and wood to construct a house on the edge of a mountain.

firewood Firewood is a necessity when you are situated high up in the mountain.

temple This temple was converted into a buddhist college for nuns on 13 November 2013; not too long ago.

blessed-flags We moved up higher to 3800m and suddenly a loud pop woke everyone up! The driver dropped his jaws thinking that a tyre might have punctured, only to realized that the pack of chips have exploded under low air pressure.

flags In Bhutanese culture, 108 white flags are erected upon the death of a person in hopes of accumulating good merits for a better rebirth. Sky burial is also practiced and they are strong believers of astrology. The concept of reincarnation is widely accepted so doing good in their day to day activities serves as a bridge for a better future life.

A total of 7 blessed flags were stringed together and hung up high that carries our wishes for all sentient beings to be well and freed of suffering.

picnic-basket lunch The strong wind at the top got us moving fast, traveling downwards before settling down for outdoor picnic lunch!

new-temple performance We are also extremely blessed to visit the inaugural of a new temple graced by the second head of monk in Bhutan. There were a series of traditional performances that we managed to catch before touring the inside of the new temple.

mandarin-tree The second last stop was to the oldest temple built in the 7th century. You can consider this tangerine tree a miracle as they grow only in the tropical region.

paro-street With some time to spare before dinner, we headed to Paro city for some shopping.

salon Oh yeah hair salon, my favourite monthly go-to place.

pop-out-store local-store street The shopfront presents a traditional and modern fusion that is unique to Bhutan.

lottery This time round, I found out how much are the prizes for lottery!

label I always try to look around and be curious about everything I see in a foreign land. This is a sticker from "Population and Housing census of Bhutan 2016" that their National Statistics Bureau uses to access their urban listing. Interesting!

lock Well, just practicing my photography skills.

provision-store surveillance

Another example of traditional + modern. It's my first time seeing the need for surveillance in a country with a population of monks greater than their army.

atm The ATM is literally parked behind a door, part of the traditional building.

prayer-wheel It is common to see prayer wheels along the streets. Accumulating merits while shopping. How cool is that?!