Blog setup

This blog is running off an embedded device known as the Odroid C1 from HardKernel.

The C1, also more commonly termed as a linux box is serving this blog through a gigabit home internet connection that enables speedy loading of the pages.

It has a beefy quad core 1.5GHz CPU and 1GB of ram with Ubuntu as the OS running off a Class 10 SanDisk microSD.

We are running the Ghost Blog in a Docker container on a armhf environment. This setup requires a locally compiled Docker image for each new version of Ghost as armhf support is not part of the mainstream release.

Here's a wishlist of improvements that I would love to work on:

  • Mount the main drive as read-only to prevent OS failure during power outage
  • Setup automated backup to S3 or Dropbox weekly
  • Ensure that the server is running continuously with alert monitoring [done, can be better]
  • Use NGINX to serve the blog and reduce risk of exposing port 80 directly [done]
  • Automated build with each new release and perform 0 downtime swap over
  • setup https and change over to a paid domain name with dynamic dns support