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Book review: Little Princes


Two weeks back, my friend loaned me this book: "Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal".

Living in a First World country, it is hard, at first, to imagine the conditions described in the book. Eating the same dal bhat everyday and not having a proper shower for days probably sounds tortorous for many of us couch potatoes. It is a story of searching for meaning in life after being so successful in his first job out of college and falling in love with Nepal that brings Coner on a life-changing adventure.

Besides being a respected individual who literally endured miles of pain to locate families of the "orphan" children, Conor writes really well and has a mindblowing love story to share with us! Little Princes gives you a very comprehensive view of the conditions of Nepal and how decisions made by parents to give their love ones a better living environment turned out to be the child's greatest nightmare.

As you follow along with this journal that documents a journey that only a person with grit and sheer determination can achieve, be sure to reflect upon what we have and how different life would have been if were characters in the story.

Have a good read!

~ ken

Book review: Little Princes
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