Challenges of a freelancer

Recently, I took on two design project with the goal of supporting a local company for being innovative.


Turns out that freelancing is not as simple as it sounds.


  1. You and the other party decides on the design requirement
  2. Design is completed and you show proof for payment collection
  3. Make and changes for mistakes/revision
  4. Happy ending


  1. You have sort of a vague design requirement
  2. Makes a rough design layout and client tells you they overlooked something
  3. Completed the design and show proof for payment collection but don't hear response
  4. You send reminder and they claim that you have not sent an invoice and design. (which freelancer gives invoice if i may ask)

Here's what was spec-ed out:


This is what you can expect from the client:

We haven't reviewed the product, we haven't received your design, you haven't billed us, and you dare to talk like you threaten us? 
you only send us 1 shield when the jobscope is for 2 design, and you want us to pay you???

U better rethink how you are communicating with us. We are extremely unhappy with your threats. if you want to proceed you can rephrase your email politely.

Maybe he is right that the jobscope is for 2 separate shields but does that mean I cannot collect payment one at a time?

End of the day, it's all about trust. Working with a new client requires gaining confidence with them demonstrating prompt payment.

I have worked with many great clients so lets not have one rotten apple that spoils the barrel.

If you have something to design (electronics, project, 3D), I would love to hear from you! :)

Challenges of a freelancer
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