Coney Island

Wooohooo! What an exciting week... Back home on Wednesday, 1 paper on Thursday and another on Friday then tour guide training on a lovely Saturday morning.. How crazy is that!

You can take the North-east train to Punggol MRT station and hope on bus 84 that brings you to this place. The bus will perform a full U-turn at a dead end so you cannot miss it. ;)



From the bus stop, head diagonally right and head for the sidewalk by the sea.


Coney island is around 500m away and in case you are unsure, there are road signs around.

You will notice this bridge that links to the island as you are nearing!

Tada.. That was easy. :)


Here's Alex and Afiqah giving us a quick overview of Coney island and it's history. The island is connected to Punggol PCN which makes it fairly accessible through cycling. It has a porous walkway from the west entrance that allows the physically challenged to get up close to nature via the smooth and even platform.

Monkeys, A bull (not cow) as well as wild boar, snakes and sea otters are spotted on the island. It is advised that the public do not go near the monkeys and have their belongings safely kept in bags.

Coney island started off as a round-ish island that is the centre of the current long-shaped island you see today. It is owned by the Haw Par brothers and you can imagine a villa with a dance hall built on an island where you enjoy unrestricted 360 degrees sea view. The natural waves also carry along the lovely white sand towards the island.

This Casuarina Exploration is a place where children can play and hopefully become more adventurous through the activities. The signages and setup is entirely made of the Casuarina wood from fallen trees native to the island. Self sustaining basically.

Casuarina trees!

here's a view looking over to Pulau Ubin from the boundary.

In the past before Coney Island is what it is today, there are 2 scheduled ferry that brings people to and fro. This very prominent signage is placed for people to identify where they have landed.

In an effort to maintain the island's cleanliness, "fences" are setup to reduce the amount of rubbish drifting into the island.

There are 5 beach area and each of them is designed based on a theme! Also, the idea of the beach area is to allow people to have a "break" from the main trail and enjoy a panoramic view of the scenery.

One interesting thing about the island is the discovery of extinguished plant species that are no longer found in Singapore itself! One example is this scolopia macrophylla. How exciting!

There's also an Estuary South (1 of the 2) where unique plants are featured.

Here's a critically endangered conical shaped plant.

This is specially designed to trap the incoming rubbish while allowing the sea-lions to swim in and out of the island freely!

Coney Island
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