DIY: fixing my kickscooter

So I broke the main screw for my manual kickscooter. Simple.

You have two options: throw or fix.
I chose the latter.

I'm attempting to embrace the culture of repairing since the Mother Earth that we are living in is already cluttered with lots of unwanted waste.

Furthermore, when you work on a problem, you actually learn more than you would expect.

Here's a summary of what i had to do:

  • Use a screw extractor and remove the broken screw (yes such tool exists)
  • that failed.. Somehow the screw is "glued" on to the main body
  • here comes the brute force method where you drill off the screw but there's a penalty to pay for
  • enlarge the hole from M8 to M9.6
  • Tap the hole so that there's a thread for the new M10 screw

Once all that has been carried out in the workshop, it's time to shop for 1 x M10 screw. Now, this is more challenging than the above.


Now for your convenience, here's a shop that sells purely screw. If you need to be screwed..i mean purchase some, visit this place. The uncle is really friendly. ;)

Phone number: 67431115

3027 Ubi Road 1, #01-102

9am to 5pm


Here's a comparison between the sheared M8 and new M10.


You assemble them back together and...


it's all working again!

~scoot scoot scoot scoot~

DIY: fixing my kickscooter
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