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Goodbye refillable filament

When I first began 3D printing commercially, the waste from the used spool quickly became an eye sore. I sought to reduce waste by purchasing refillable filament.

This morning I reached out to my vendor to purchase more refillable filament and this was the response:

Hi ken,

Thanks for your letter.

But i  am so soryy ,our factory rules that the MOQ must be 50 rolls,we don't do retail

I have purchased a total of 5 + 2 + 3 = 10 from the vendor over the course of 1+ years. Comparatively, I guess my order is really insignifcant.

What a sad day for me, getting hit by the reality of profit/business goals outweighing support for environmental friendly movement.

Do you have recommendations to share? Ping me!

ken the green man

Goodbye refillable filament
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