Hongkong Day 01

This is a super delayed posting for the trip in January 2016. Hopefully i can still remember most of the itinerary and the interesting encounters!

This is my first trip out with a friend since army days and it's really fun to travel in a small group (pair in this case).

At the arrival hall in Hong Kong Airport, there are many services available for our convenience. Here's some things to do there:

  • Purchase an Octopus card [transport card]
  • Pick up a WiFi router [if you cannot live without it]
  • Purchase discounted attraction tickets [most important]

The prices are fairly decent (discounted) IMO.

Our first stop is to Ngong Ping, Lantau Island where the infamous Big Buddha is.

One word of caution, you can deposit your luggage at the shopping centre opposite or end up paying SGD12/each to safekeep one. (guess who paid so much)

To reach the Po Lin Monastery, you will need to take the cable car and be treated with a majestic view of modern Hong Kong.

You can also see people hiking along the way!
(dang these blurry photos ._.)


Doing what the tourist do by taking an..unconventional wefie! I must say..it's really a little too close for comfort and half of the time you are hoping the cow doesn't kick you in the butt.


It's really magnificent up there and I highly recommend you to visit too.

Here's our late hour vegetarian lunch/tea meal at the monastery.


We got on the subway, headed down to East Tsim Sha Tsui and checked in at the Airbnb.

Not wanting to waste any moment in HK, we dropped our luggage and headed out for The Peak.

Check out the whole lot of tourist waiting to get up to The Peak and catch the sunset.

We took the risk hoping that the queue moves fast enough for us to be up there before dusk. Despite missing it, the view offered deserves more credit.

the tram the tram the tram!

I must say that the tram ride is kinda intriguing, thinking about how the whole system works and you at some 20 degree sitting position, trying to appreciate the slanted scenery outside.


Hopefully this picture gives you a better idea of the steepness of the rail.


Ah...decent night view photo by me :)

Food is mega expensive (they are generally pricier compared to our currency) at The Peak so we queued patiently to get down and head over to Tim Ho Wan!

Tim Ho Wan is a popular dim-sum place in Hong Kong and have outlets in Singapore too.


Instead of showing typical pictures of the food, here's a wefie of a taxi driver that we met. He spoke to us in proper, fluent English and kept sharing with us how Singapore is fortunate to have great leaders!

Can you believe that at his age, he started attending English classes 1-2 years back? Wow. I have total respect for this senior. Definitely a great experience chatting with a local!

Although it's getting late, the night is young. (yeah day 1 enthusiasm) Dessert we shall!

Those typical traditional dessert in a small and slightly cramped shop is like the best thing ever. (ok pardon my weird liking)

Oh yes, the dessert shop is 福圆汤圆 (fu yuan tang yuan) near Fotress hill MTR.


Come out from Exit B of Fortress Hill
Look for an overhead bridge
Cross the bridge to the opposite side
Fook Yuen is directly below the bridge, on the right
Hongkong Day 01
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