Hongkong Day 02

Part of our Hong Kong adventure is an attempt to take the MTR and experience how it is like to walk across the border to ShenZhen, China.

After spending some time optimizing various routes to "Luo Wu" station, we realized that they designed it such that everyone heading that way has to pay a nominal train fee of around HKD30-40. There's also Lok Ma Chau station but Luo Wu is gives us better accessibility to Hua Qiang Bei, the electronics market in ShenZhen.

We took a quick breakfast and headed towards Luo Wu station.



It's fairly straightforward even for non-Chinese speaking tourist. Once you reach the station, just follow the crowd.


Just take note that you are leaving Hong Kong for ShenZhen so you might need a visa handy if your passport alone doesn't bring you over the border.

Once you are over on the other side, (Hey, Adele) head for the metro and your journey begins! The SZ metro is mega tourist friendly with English signage and announcement so traveling is a breeze.

We headed to Hua Qiang Bei to link up with William for a tour at the new HAX office..


Things are developing rapidly at HQB and new high-rise buildings are appearing in a short span of one year. It is said that the small electronics vendor are having a tough time keeping up with the rental and the big guys might be dominant in future. That's going to suck as the ability to walk in the streets and talk to vendors about parts purchase is what makes HQB unique.



And China being China, there's always something different available. Here's peanut butter ice cream that I have not tried anywhere else.


We headed for lunch at saizeriya which is Italian fast food at a fraction of the cost.


After checking out HQB with Will, we bid farewell to checkout a modern district in SZ.

If you are in ShenZhen, be sure to visit the OCT area. It's a corner where modern architecture and hippie fashion is housed. You will see teenagers hanging around after school and spot some artwork on public display in the area.


There's some occasional building artwork that brings life to the area. It's rare that you get to see so many artwork the height of a building so don't miss it!


OCT offers you a preview of the new breed Chinese and their culture.


Ended the day with some mega cheap noodles and dumplings served with peanut butter sauce (yes somehow the Chinese has this peanut butter liking) that cost almost nothing.


It is common to see people traveling between Hong Kong and ShenZhen with a truckload of luggage. These people are acting as package carrier where they transport good across the border via rail. How amazing isn't it?

We briefly strolled down the streets of HK and chanced upon the infamous Bolo bun so supper it is. ;)


Hongkong Day 02
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