Hongkong Day 03

If you live near Tsim Sha Tsui area, breakfast can be conveniently resolved at Hau Fook street.

We chose the traditional breakfast style today at the local eatery and the lady is surprisingly friendly. (it's the opposite based on hearsay)


Their kitchen is decently small but serves a wide variety of dishes.

We had the soymilk, cantonese style porridge and their french toast (supposed to be thick). I must say they serve great food but expenses in Hong Kong burns through your pocket pretty quickly. This breakfast alone probably costs SGD10 per person.


Something interesting along the way. What a way to lock down the shutter.



The plan today is to visit Cheng Chau island via ferry at Victoria Harbour. This is where they have the audio-visual light show but i highly discourage you from viewing it as.. there's literally nothing going on during the entire performance. It's super disappointing and doesn't portray a good image for the tourist.


At the harbour, we spotted an old-school postal stamp machine where you provide actual amount of coins and dispense a stamp. Wow! Amazing... Just in time to mail off the postcard,



You can purchase a ferry ticket at the boarding area but the Octopus card covers sea transport as well so just tap & go.


I generally enjoy the ferry ride as it provides a magnificent view of the harbour and everything Hong Kong. Also, you just need HKD2.1/ride compared to the MTR.

After crossing over to Hong Kong island, take a slow walk and head for Central Pier 5 to hope on the ferry for Cheng Chau. Mind you, somehow lots of people enjoy island visiting so do head our early or risk bumping into the crowd.



The moment you exit the harbour at Cheng Chau, head slightly left for the pastry shop. They sell mega delicious Portuguese egg tarts that you must not must. I mean MUST NOT. Be sure to have it while it's hot and take away from for your tea break after some short hike around the island.




Here's a view of their residential area that is pretty much infused with the tourist attractions on the island


We visited a couple of temples on the island and walked along the beach that greeted us with a never ending stream of cold breeze.


Along the way, we spotted a fancy coffee brewer and I must say....tourist traps are always strong.. End of the day it's all gimmicky so give it a pass unless you cannot resist spending on something overpriced. :D


Somehow this lock your love whatever made its way here. Oh well.


Just before the beach, there's a handicraft shop that is worth a visit. They offer international postage service so browse through their collection, grab one and mail it off.

The beach is bustling with activities over the weekend and a short hike up the "mini Great Wall of China" provides a bird's eye view of Cheng Chau island. I highly recommend hiking up and taking a break at the pavilion while munching on those savoury egg-tarts.

While holidaying in Hong Kong, dessert is a must so ta-da!


In the late afternoon, we left Cheng Chau for Hong Kong Island to tour around the area. This HSBC building has some interesting architectural stories but is closed during the weekend so do plan for a weekday trip if you are keen to visit.

Dinner was street snacks along Yau Ma Tei area and the entire area is transformed when night falls. You see lots of stalls ranging from photography to balloon sculptors.

There's also people basking everyone so the street is bustling with activities. Do head over at night if you are around the area. :)

Hongkong Day 03
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