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Recently, we presented our proposed solution for an Internet-of-Things (IoT) competition. Our category focuses on making hostel living better through three main areas:

1.) Announcements
2.) Meeting room availability and booking
3.) Bike stand parking availability


We designed announcements to be targeted so that residents do not receive information that may be related to them.

Eg. Lift repair works at Block 55 does not concern residents living in other blocks. However, current setup does not allow targeted announcements and our team felt that this would make announcements more effective.

Instant notification is also available on our mobile Android app to cater to the new generation who view a huge bulk of their content on the go.


Android Platform


Android app login page


Android Announcement listing


Android Bike stand availability

Although this feature is available on the Web platform, mobile is our primary target as this information is more relevant for cyclists.

Cyclists are shown the real-time availability of bicycle parking slots at each block and the tab is "slide-friendly", making it easy to navigate with one hand while on the move.


BikeSense, internet connected

This is made possible with the installation of pressure sensors that detects the presence of a bicycle wheel and updates the cloud of the changed availability.

Web Platform


Web Announcement listing


Web Bike stand availability


Web meeting room booking

The meeting room availability and booking feature focuses on two main areas. For residents who would like to book a room in advance, our platform displays a summary of the number of available rooms by the hour, making it easy to decide on an alternative time slot if the one of interest is fully booked.

"Available now" displays a real-time occupancy status of each meeting room so that residents do not need to visit them one by one to find a seat.


Meeting room camera

This is made possible with a camera processing live images to perform human recognition and detection.

Changing a booking is also easy. All you need to do is to select another room, book it, and the system would do an automatic replacement with your existing. Hooray simplicity!


Web Announcement staff Dashboard

Another feature that we focused on is the admin Dashboard for announcement management. We wanted to demonstrate that our solution encompasses not only the end users but also the people who are managing it. The Dashboard would allow them to create/edit/delete/schedule announcements; basically everything you need.

This journey was nothing but beneficial where two months were spent learning a new language (EmberJ
, revisiting old skills (Android) and delivering a Minimal-Viable-Product that worked so well during demo day!

I would like to say special thanks to my two team members, Jun Kang and Wei Lin for agreeing to be part of the team and working hard to make sure that our paper proposal became reality.

Looking forward to my next adventure. ヽ(´▽`)/

Till then,

HostelMate - your hostel companion
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