India Day 01

Email announcement on Tuesday, submit your form 7 days later and that brings you to India! Many of us had thoughts of visiting India but never found a good opportunity to have that off the checklist!

So here's us jumping on the opportunity with the ASEAN-India exchange program that not only brings us to India, but have a unique experience visiting places of interest and interacting with officials.

Today is Day 01 and let's call it "flight day". Our trip begins with a 6 hour flight to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Mumbai, following by a domestic flight to Guwahati. That took us an entire day summing up 9 hours of flight time before finally arriving at the The Raddison Blu hotel.

The first airport that we arrived in is simple yet elaborate in terms of its design.


Check out the ceiling pattern integrated with the pillar! Never thought I would see something like that. :)


Wondering what "special services" are we receiving as guests of India. :)


Ohmy, this airport hotel's entrance is pretty grand isn't it?!


We could see armed soldiers deployed in the airport and even had one with his rifle mounted on the top of a vehicle performing surveillance.



The domestic airport requires us to board on a bus and go on a 5 minutes ride before reaching at the departure gate. There was a huge crowd outside Gate 1 but we took the path of least resistance at Gate 2. :)

Chanced upon the local transport, tuktuk but I don't think we will have the opportunity to hop on one!

I am pretty intrigued by the penetration depth of the major brands like Apple, Samsung, Amazon and LG with their up to date advertising banner in a local domestic airport. Makes me wonder how corporate responsibility and the amount of influence that one can bring as a sizeable and well-known corporation.


Omononomonm. That choco chip muffin is pretty legit I must say. The female staff was really friendly and welcoming as the first service staff we met in India so that left me a really good impression.

Wow, I kinda like this too. It's a simple but subtle act that makes a lot of difference. As the saying goes: "less is more".

We took the airport bus and enjoyed the presidential style boarding but was quickly stopped by the ground crew in our attempts for a plane wefie.

But i guess everyone loves wefie, right? :)

We took the domestic IndiGo airline and it makes me wonder why English is one of the announcement language used by the crew. Anyone any idea?



Had a pleasant surprise as we are served with a snack and drink on board the domestic flight. Our initial thoughts was that we are probably going to have some food before the flight, wait till we get to the hotel and have a late dinner. Seems like the little meal came at the right time to ease our hunger pung!


There's lots to learn if you observe closely and open your eyes to possibilities around you. Look at the cheesy "This is how we roll" tagline on the box. Doesn't it put a smile on your face even before you have your meal? Also, on a simple sandwich packaging, they have a short story and even mind games. How cool!

Here we are at The Maddison Blu hotel. Can you imagine a hotel entrance with a security scanner both for personnel and baggage? How interesting! The hotel is very decent and posh but more photos to come tomorrow after I take more shots in daylight. There's a dining area in the open that would be really lovely to have breakfast!

Till then. nights :)

India Day 01
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