India Day 05

Today is yet another travel day in India. This is somewhat comparable to my trip to the Philippines in 2009 with countless bus rides and multiple domestic flights.

The first leg is from Shilong back to The Raddison Blu for lunch before heading to the airport for a domestic flight to New Dehli.

Check out this old-school lift panel. Somehow ground level is '0' in India.


Before that, our first activity is an interaction with the local football team, or rather the first football team representing the Northeastern region to compete at the national level. It's great that they prepared some simple activities that we can participate in small groups. Although the duration was fairly short, I am delighted to shed some sweat in our host country and enjoy some football workout amidst the cooling weather.

We took a walk to and from our hotel to the Shilong Sports Association stadium and on our way back, we passed by a lottery shop (i think)

Here's a shot of a student and his school attire!

Here's something interesting about Hotel Polo Towers. The master switch for each room is located outside the room and people can simply turn off your lights at the flick of a switch.

This is the view from the wind of our hotel room. It's a pretty ncice place isn't it?

Practicing my photograph skills during the return journey.

Poor shot from the inside of our bus but they have local bus services running in the state.

Check out toll exemption list for their highway!

Final lunch @ The Raddison Blu before leaving Guwahati.

First time seeing a luggage screening station placed after the entrance and before the check-in counter. Doesn't this make security questionable despite the use of security check stickers and zip-ties?

Here's another example of creativity of the Indians. They even have advertisement "space" on the dining plate itself! I am surprised by China's way of advertising but India has brought it to a whole new level.

Ah, something new for me! First time seeing an express ticket machine to get you to the city centre from the airport. Cool!

India Day 05
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