India Day 10

"LET's all head home day" is today. :)

We had a rare opportunity to meet the Chief Election Commissioner of India, Dr Zaidi, who shared with us interesting insights about elections in India. They are handling 1/6 of the world's population during each election and the various efforts taken to ensure everyone gets a chance to vote is truly commendable.

I particularly like the part where he mentioned how the officials travel by foot or even on elephants in order to reach the most rural parts of India. The efforts by the committee to educate the youths about elections and how they can get involved is pretty interesting in contrast to how I learnt about voting and elections.

Between our next activity we had Macdonald's' at a nearby mall before heading to our respective embassies.


They have a pretty unique only in India menu.

Even their washing bay had to be unique!

You would be surprised to know that right beside the Singapore Embassy is a slum! Interesting right? Speaking about security and commitment for partnership, I wonder why no action has been taken, yet.


I felt totally at home meeting the High Commissioner and his team as we chattered away in Singlish, something that we have not been hearing for the past 10 days. The embassy is beautiful and serves as a residence compound for the Singaporean staff serving overseas. Although it was a short interaction session, it is of great honour to be given a chance to visit and have a look around the embassy!!

That sums up 10 days of adventure in India! It's been a great trip and one that once again broaden my perspective about the world. This is the first but definitely not the last visit and I'm glad to have met many wonderful souls from all around the world!

May we reunite someday, whether in Singapore or where ever you are living in and rekindle our friendship forged through this unique Asean-India students exchange. :)

India Day 10
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