Kedah Day 01

Following my internship, I traveled to Kedah, Malaysia with my grandmother and mother for a birthday celebration. Traveling is always fun and meeting distant relatives sounded like something i should do. :)

The flight took only +/- one hour to arrive in Penang, Malaysia. It's not an uber busy airport and comparable to a domestic airport capacity.


Our first stop was for brunch at a vegetarian eatery. What a feast!


Crossing over to Kedah from Penang using the old link bridge.



Turns out, my uncle sells ice-cream, which explains the two freezer in the living room.


The next activity was to accompany my grandma for "marketing". Check out this traditional butcher shop.


Here's a street view of Kedah. You can see something similar back in Singapore but that's how it's like all over Kedah.


Provision shops are also commonly available here for your daily kitchen needs.


Next stop, durian collection. Small but lethal (delicious).


My aunty arranged for me to join an off-road biking activity with her husband.


Turns out that the place we are biking at is an Archaeological museum!


The trail that we took on is 1.1km in total. Off-road biking sounds crazy but with the right gear, the uphill climb is doable! The secret is to keep in cadence and control your breathing. In this case, fast does not mean better.


There's also fruits along the way up which helps replenish energy before the descent.



Here's some pictures of the 1.1km trail that we conquered.


The last mile before the end is another uphill ride towards the parking area. I forgot to mention that you don't need to peddle from the top to the end of the main road. Just imagine the kind of elevation that the parking area is situated at.

So much for day one!

~ ken in kedah

Kedah Day 01
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