Kedah Day 03

We had breakfast at another local dim-sum shop before a drive to Betong, South of Thailand.

As my aunty did not carry her driving license, I had to take over the wheel. I must say, driving at 120km/h is an experience.

It is not as difficult as it seems for high speed driving. The cars are generally spaced further apart compared to Singapore and overtaking is a breeze. Just be sure to use both lanes generously when taking corners for a smoother ride.

You can see from the map that Malaysia and Thailand is divided by an "imaginary line". I say it is imaginary as it's purely human defined and no one can assure you that it will not be breached one day.


Yes, it's a dinosaur durian. Everything seems to be gigantic here. (banana for scale)


The next stop is at Piyamit Tunnel where we learnt about how the communist built tunnels and used it to fight during the Japanese occupation.

Yet another humongous durian. (running out of vocab soon) We bought them but it's not as delicious as the Kedah ones.

As we are near the Malaysia-Thailand border, both currencies are accepted.

(Un)fortunately, the tunnel has been widened for tourists to enter. What a pity.

There's limited space in the tunnel but spaces are dedicated for different purpose.

Here's some equipment that they used for communication. My aunty told me that many modern day inventions were by the communist. Interesting.

This is a photo of them carrying rations during their navigation.

You can see that they were pretty advanced during the 1940s era. There's batteries, headlight, cast leg etc...

Even the land-mine detector was DIY-ed!

Having internet access is readily available due change the way we travel. I can easily navigate 76km of foreign land without issues.

Kedah Day 03
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