Kedah Day 09

Woke up at 5+ am to do some final packing before leaving for breakfast.




Yum cha (tea drinking) is a morning activity common to the locals. They gather together and have some snacks while sipping tea.

You will see many people who rise and shine early in the morning.


Here's the streets view of Kedah, decorated with lanterns, in time for Mid-Autumn Festival next Thursday.

Before wrapping up, here's some travel tips:

  1. Never comment about pricing openly. If it's cheap, good. If it's expensive, move on.

  2. Have small notes handy. Using a $1000 note early in the morning doesn't get you anything.

  3. Bring along a bottle, always. Staying hydrated keeps you up and running throughout the trip.

  4. Apply for international driving permit. This will last you one year and there might be occasions that it comes in handy.

  5. An extra foldable bag is essential if you cannot resist not leaving a country without buying anything.

  6. Data brings you everywhere. So turn on data roaming if your provider has one. M1 Singapore has it for SGD$10 for one month. Pretty useful!

~ ken

Kedah Day 09
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