Reducing 3D printing waste

Although we constant come up with new technologies, the side-effect is additional burden to the environment.

3D printing has changed the way prototypes and products are made but in the process, empty plastic spools that hold the printing material ends up in the landfill..

If you think about the manufacturing process to produce spools of 3D printing filament, it definitely make sense to use a one off, non-reusable spool.


I thought that I could do better in reducing the amount of waste generate and decided to try out this supplier that sells refillable spool + filament.


As you can see, the filament comes without a spool holder and is held together by 4 zip ties instead.


This is what an empty spool looks like. It's lifespan may be a matter of weeks/months after serving its one time purpose.

Is this the best that we can do? Guess not! The plastic packaging is still a generated waste but at least I took the first step to reduce waste.

This also boils down to your personal belief. Is this supplier the cheapest out in the market? No.

Is it tempting to purchase the material that comes with a one-time spool that costs lesser? Yes!

However, the "savings" in monetary value indirectly incur cost in environmental terms.

What simple steps can you take to care for our environment? :)


Reducing 3D printing waste
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