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TW17: Kaohsiung Day 02

Tried out another place for breakfast which serves dishes like our economic rice stall. However, they tasted kinda funny and did not really suit my taste buds.

There are lots of blogs and information online which tells you how to get to Fo Guang Shan memorial but none seems to be sufficiently accurate. Here is my experience that hopefully helps you in getting there.

Take the MRT to Zuo Ying station and head outside for the bus platform. You will see Bus platform 2 where the bus to Fo Guang Shan (FGS) stops. Fare is 70TWD and takes less than an hour to get to FGS.

This is a bus schedule timetable that is not 100% accurate as the first few timings were changed according to what is stated on the bus. The tip is to get there earlier and wait patiently for the bus.

There are two stops that you can choose to alight; FGS Buddha museum and FGS. I would recommend stopping at FGS to start your visit as there is a designed route that you can follow. You will end at Buddha museum where the waiting point for the bus is.

The last building at FGS is the Main Hall (大雄宝殿) where you can pay homage to the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha). Visitors are welcomed to sit inside and admire the Main Hall but take note that the main door is only for monks and side doors are available for us to use.

As you walk towards the FGS Buddha Museum, you will be able to see the 40m tall Sakyamuni Buddha.

At the entrance building of FGS Buddha Museum, there are a lot of food outlet from Starbucks to milk tea. At level two, you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian buffet lunch for 100TWD.

This is what you can enjoy along with a view of the surrounding of FGS Buddha museum.

After you are done with lunch, head downstairs and grab some tea-flavoured ice cream at the right side of the entrance to combat the summer heat! (really, it's just an excuse to have dessert)

Once you are satisfied with lunch, start taking a walk towards the museum via the main path that brings you closer to the Buddha statue.

There are a lot of exhibition to view at the museum and the one not to be missed is the 4D show. I must say that it is very impressive and touching. Not to be missed!

Besides the exhibition, you can visit the four pagoda and having a close up view of the majestic Sakyamuni Buddha.

After you are done touring the place, there is always time for snacking before catching the bus back to kaohsiung city.

We were lucky and got on a local taxi for the same price of 70TWD along with 4 other people! The driver is extremely humourous but would have been nicer if he did not go on and on during the entire ride.

Kaohsiung is building their light rail and trials are currently ongoing. Which means there is no reason why we are not trying it out.

Took the light rail to Kaohsiung Exhibition Center but it was already closed by the time we reached!

On the way back to our hotel, we dropped by the night market once again to grab some famous papaya milk drink which in my opinion tasted, er, ok.

Dinner was at this porridge place where there are a variety of dishes to choose from. The stall setup is very unique and only opens from 5pm to 6am. I like how the lady stands on the platform with (almost) the dishes within her reach. She can even grab a scoop using her tongs.

So much for kaohsiung! Off to Tainan tomorrow :)

TW17: Kaohsiung Day 02
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