TW17: Tainan --> Chaiyi

After two memorable days in Tainan, it is once again time to hit the road!

A open common space for travelers to mingle with each other. Highly recommend staying at Fu Qi hostel during your travel in Tainan.

They even won an "excellence" award from tripadvisor in 2015!


Before heading to the train station, we headed to the wet market for breakfast and experience what life is like for the locals.

We start noticing that train ticket prices are becoming increasingly more expensive as we travel up North (Taipei). Maybe that is what city vs rural is about. You have to fork out more for the same food/service and even accomodation.

For Chiayi, we booked an Airbnb apartment just 5 minutes walk away from Chaiyi train station. It is a five storey apartment and you get a bathroom to yourself. How nice!

Multi-storey motorcycle parking. Tells you a lot about the amount of motorist on the road.

The original plan was to explore around Chiayi city after lunch but we were greeted with a heavy downpour instead. Afternoon was spent resting (napping actually) in our Airbnb, enjoying the holiday in another way. ;)

Captured a golden sunset along the streets after dinner.

In the evening, we met our Airbnb host over tea at level one of her apartment. She helped us to figure out how to get to Alishan via public transport the next day and even treated us to organic lychee grown in her own farm! We have a great conversation with her till 2.40am, hearing about her life journey from a teacher to principal, and views about Taiwan as a whole. The interaction with aunty Ping made our stay at Chiayi unique and memorable. True #AirBnB experience!

Looking forward to Alishan tomorrow!

TW17: Tainan --> Chaiyi
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