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TW17: Taipei --> Kaohsiung

With university life coming to an end, what is better than travelling before work begins?

The idea was to cover Taiwan in 14 days with a budget of SGD$1000. However, the expenses before landing looks something like this:


With only roughly 270 bucks to spend over, er... 14 days, maybe not. We might be able to achieve something like $1,200 though!


My first impression of Taiwan is this uniqueness and "stand out by itself" vibe based on the building design of their airplane parking lot. It gives this old-school chinese architectural feels for a modern day facility.


The airport toilet is a MUST visit. It embraces an open concept design (not whatever is on your mind) where there is no entrance door. You will be greeted with this grand and posh ambience commonly seen at >= 5-star hotel.

There will be this row of telco waiting to take your money in exchange for data card. DON'T buy from them cos it is also available after clearing immigration outside the arrival hall. The reason is...

We ended up taking 45 minutes just to clear immigrations along with Japanese, Korean, Hong Kongers and Chinese tourists. This took way longer than expected but maybe Saturday afternoon is the peak period.

If you are intending to visit Taiwan during summer, this is the kind of weather you should expect.

The airport layout if pretty simplistic. You have a row of around 6 baggage collection stations and centre is where you will head to exit immigrations.

On the route to the bus station, we saw a UV sterilizer for the escalator handle! Interesting... Definitely my first time seeing something like this.

There is a convenience shop available that will happily sell you a duck-shaped bun. ^^

There is a bus service available that brings you from Taoyuan airport to the Taoyuan High Speed Rail (HSR) station. The journey takes around 10-15 minutes and cost TWD60.

The plan was to head down South and make our way up to Taipei before departing from Taiwan. This will be a big ticket on your expenses at TWD1330! Originally, the tickets we got was for 16:43pm. However, it is said that the railway bento box is a must try so we tried our luck to change tickets!

Figuring out the bento sales timing was a little tricky and most blogs do not tell much information except that it is only sold during lunch and dinner timings. Here is more concrete information but I cannot promise that it will always be the same!

This is how the bento sales counter looks like.

You do not need to go down to the platform super early but there are more seats one level down. The platform is open so do watch your steps when a train approaches.

This is a vegetarian bento box that tasted great while accompanied with a scenic view out of the window. It is indeed an experence not to be missed!

A look on the inside of the HSR. I have to tell you another secret now.. shhhh.


There is ICE CREAM being sold on the HSR! For TWD80, there is absolutely no reason not to buy it!

The HSR brings you 360km down South in 1h 37min and that pretty much wraps up Day 01!

TW17: Taipei --> Kaohsiung
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