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US18: flight to San Francisco

Every year, a lucky bunch of Elite members are invited by Particle to join them for Maker Faire Bay Area (MFBA) and Partipalooza. We are not employees of Particle but actively support the developer community through forum help and bringing up issues faced to the engineering team.

It has been 4 years since my last trip to San Francisco and the team was not that big then.


As of today, they probably have close to a 100 employees and even opened an office in Shenzhen, China recently! It has been a pleasure to be part of this journey, providing my inputs and feedback to shape a tiny bit of a huge Internet of Things platform that they set out to build.


I decided that the best way travel plan is:

  1. Stopover at Narita enroute to SF
  2. Endure a 14 hour direct flight on the return trip

The transit area at Narita airport does not have much to offer. I took a walk to the other terminal and there's basically nothing.

You can, however, enjoy some Japanese cuisine at the Tokyo Food Bar.

Or you can shop around for some Japanese snacks to bring along as gifts.

One thing interesting though, is the availiblity of charging points at the seats to recharge your power-hungry electronic devices.

US18: flight to San Francisco
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