Wrapping up the last recess week

Usually when you know that recess week is here, it signals the start of a week of play, play and more play!

It's especially so at where I study, cos the weeks become more intense which implies that the workload exponentially increases.


Helped out at the Youth Ministry service in the afternoon before heading down to Big Box to check out the Family Carnival setup.

Together with TJJ (read: The Jie Jie / Sister
), we went to dabao 15 cups of LiHo. Our huge order definitely brought us stares from people waiting anxiously get their LiHo fix.


Volunteered at the Blossom Family Carnival as a setup crew and made some new friends!


Disclaimer: I did not pose for the photo but my friend somehow sent it to me

Originally, we were tasked to setup the round tables for a game activity. The event manager ended up getting us to join in as participants to build the tallest structure with straws in 5 minutes.

We came in second. Not too shabby!

From pellet-jacking ten over times up and down the 100m hall to unloading a lorry full of logistics; been there, done that!



Spent some time figuring out how to setup version 1.0 of Ghost, the software the powers this blog.

Unfortunately, it is still a little buggy but getting to for a switchover!

Went out with my mother in the afternoon to run all her errand before binge watching some local drama on TV.


We were back in Fabrication Lab that morning to work out the mould that will be used to produce our customized namecard for a technical elective.


My Thailand friends were in Singapore for their graduation trip and I offered to bring them around for food, food and more food.

Having to host a Canadian cousin who comes by once in a while just for makan made this an easy task. (you know who you are)

thai friends


After an uneventful attempt to purchase some linear bearings to repair my 3D printer, I decide that making them by hand was the next best option.


The entire process took almost 8 hours, learning along the way and making a better part each time i did it.

I never once pride myself to be intellectually capable to excel in university studies but at least I have a flair in things that required getting my hands dirty.


Fixed up the shiny (literally) new parts and I am now back with a trusty ol' printer in time for another intense 6 weeks of project work.


I also finally found time to go shopping and indulge in some traditional ice cream! Highly recommend shopping during Great Singapore Sales. The discounts will make you think twice before rejecting a potential purchase.


A day filled with traveling and troubleshooting as we figure out how to get a new toy up and running before the break ends.

It's crazy how we are often thrown new, cutting edge technology to tinker without prior guidance. However, I guess that's how it trains us to be good at what we do. We got it working, just in time for me to head home at 10.30pm!


Pretty slow Saturday but I tried fixing two iPhones before heading home to practice singing.


Volunteered to be part of the worship team for our Buddhist Youth service.

Always thankful for having a great Teacher, the Buddha, for teaching us how to become better and learn that our actions solely define who and what we become. :)

Check us out here: https://www.facebook.com/BWMonasteryYouth/


My friend Scott Tay has begun his 800km expedition through Mongolia by foot to raise funds for Singapore Cancer society.


Please show him your support HERE!

I also managed to finish up 2/3 of HillBilly Elegy and cannot wait to start on the next book.

Look forward to a mega long post that wraps up 3.5 years in SUTD!

Till I survive the next 6 weeks,

Wrapping up the last recess week
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